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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The quality of olive oil depends on many factors than raise the levels of asid of the the oil, that is why you must be certain from where you purchase the most important product of the nutrition.

Apart from the excellent quality of Koroneiki what makes the taste and the quality of our olive oil superior to others, is the ground and the climateof the area. This olive oil is the only natural product that comes from the olive trees, combining the harmony in taste and quality. With a slight spicy taste it is the ideal base on every kind f food.

For the fertilisation of the olive trees green firtilizers are used as well as manure of firtilizers that are suitable for the biological cultivation. The protection of the olive trees is mainly done in spring combat with its main and most serious enemies and mainly insects with mild products that are suitable for the biological cultivation according to regulation 834/2007. Those products are plain insecticides and not poisins like in other cultivations that not only they kill the harmful insects which ruin the production but they also do harm to the environment and other useful creatures (like bees,butterflies etc). 

The collection of the olives is done by rapping,not like insome other parts of the country that they collect the olives from the ground,or the olives fall down (after maturing excessively) on special nets that have previously been put under the olive trees. After the collection we put the olives in special fabric made sacks that enable the olives to have enough air. We transfer the olives the same day in certified special factories which process the olives and the olive oil is produced the same day, so that there are no changes in the produced product.

The process is made in less than 27oC in order to preserve the special characteristics of the olive oil. As a result it is very low in acids(o,1-o,4%) and excellent quality characteristics that enable it to be characterised as “top quality extra olive oil”.

The olive oil that is produced is then stored in big containers in ideal conditions of temperature,humidity and light. Our philosophy is “top quality, small quantity, control and guarantee of the product”. Every year we supply the market only with quantities that we can guarantee their quality. When there’s no stock left we patiently wait for the next harvest.We do not extra process the olive oil. The only process of the production is the one made in the factory we do not use other liquids-kinds of oil and the selling of oil means fresh one made that some year. 

All kinds of controls accepted.

In order to verify the quality of our products we give full refund of the product value to the consumer (if proven via laboratory analysis) in case there is evidence that our products do not meet the specifications of a biological cultivation. It is required, however, that the product be kept in appropriate storage conditions.

Constant control and guidance by expert agriculturists of the service(ΔΗΩ)which controls usin all the stages of the cyltivation is the main reason why the product that reaches your table is of great and top nutritional security. 

In all the stades of the productionit is applied a quaranteed system that secures top quality ISO 220000:2005.

During packaging we implement strict measurs of sanitation.

Standasdization in all our products can be done in any other packaging after contact with the seller.

Every year (in the first 10 days of February) and after the olive period we send our products in Athens at specific customers which have been trusting us for many years. We believe in relationship between customer and produser because we have courage to see eye to eye, knowing that the products we give are pure, virgin and the best of Messinian lands.

The rest months (of the year) and when it concerns small quantity orders, the distribution in country (Greece) and aboard takes place by transportation companies with which we cooperate and we are absolutely sure that the customer will definetely receive the exact order he made. In this case, the payment is executed by paying delivery or prepaying the order in a bank account before shipping.

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Georgiopoulos Panagiotis


" “I’m blessed by God

And I am full of progres.

I am the olive the honored. "



Our olive groves are located in Androusa and in Katsarou in Messinia. This region is a protected one. All our products are coming from organic farming and are certified by “dionet” with respect to the environment. They are the best products coming from Messinian land.




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