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What are the Organic Products?

With the term “Organic” we describe the products which are produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or hormones. In order to protect our agriculture from diseases or harmful organizations we use other non harmful organizations which act like parasite and control the population of the pathogens. A product can be called Organic only if they meet certain standards in all the stages of farming, production and packing. The control of these stages is the main reason the final product provides high nutrition values when it reaches our table.


Why should I choose them?

The main advantage of the Organic products is that they protect the consumer from the toxic subsets the pesticides which are used in the conventional farming include. The fact that no chemical fertilizers or synthetic hormones are used means the plants are not forced to grow and it has a natural development. It’s well known that the organic products have a higher nutrition value than the conventional ones. The reason for that is that they have a higher concentration of natural sugar, minerals, vitamins and smaller concentration in water. Their taste is rich and most aromatic.


Why are they more expensive?

The organic products are more expensive than the conventional mainly because the methods used for the production are more expensive and at the same time because of the natural growth the efficiency of the farming is smaller.


What is their effect in the environment?

Organic farming is an alternative form of friendly farming towards the environment and the consumer. The ecological dead end the conventional farming has leaded makes the organic farming a needed solution. The organic farming is a choice that gives a different perspective with respect towards the nature and a better way of life. The organic farming helps the environment to clean from the toxic chemicals used in the conventional farming and gather in the ecosystem. At the same time the organic farming depends on the natural recourses at gives products through natural methods that in long-term maintain the ecological balance and helps the earth to remain futile. The use of natural compost, renewable energy sources and biological pest control are the elements that help us protect the environment.




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I am the olive the honored. "



Our olive groves are located in Androusa and in Katsarou in Messinia. This region is a protected one. All our products are coming from organic farming and are certified by “dionet” with respect to the environment. They are the best products coming from Messinian land.




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