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Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Kalamata
Kalamata Olives - Tapenade

Products from Biological agriculture in Messinia.

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«f you decompose Greece you will see that what is left is an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat.
With these you can rebuild her.».

    Odysseus Elytis

In the shadow of the olive tree hides a great and ancient civilization. A civilization full of emotions like humanity and kindness. Mankind from the beginning treated the land with respect and was known for his tendency to work hard with patience and strong belief towards the goods that earth provided him. With those goods and with the “earth’s gold”, the olive oil , which is known as the base of Mediterranean nutrition and its characteristics have been recognized by many people , our ancestors were raised and we raise our children . It’s our honor to live in the olive tree shadow and our obligation to tender it with our sweat and to serve it with awe and reverence.

Our olive trees are located in the areas of Vasilada and Katsarou in Messinia in a region with protected name origin and consist of 700 olive trees from the variety “ Koroneiki “ that produce almost 3.800 lt of extra virgin olive oil and 30 olive trees from the variety “Kalamata olives” that produce 300 kilos of eating olives .

All of our products, since 2007, are certified BIOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE certified from DIO ( Producers Code: 21361070406) with respect to the environment so that the next generations will be able to enjoy the products of Messinia.

It’s a family activity and we handle only our own production result of our experience passed on from generation to generation. We don’t trade with other producers.

Our prices are almost 30% lower of the equivalent products in the Super Markets because we handle the production the packing and the distribution of our products cutting of all the meddle men which raise the cost of the products for the consumer.

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Georgiopoulos Panagiotis


" “I’m blessed by God

And I am full of progres.

I am the olive the honored. "



Our olive groves are located in Androusa and in Katsarou in Messinia. This region is a protected one. All our products are coming from organic farming and are certified by “dionet” with respect to the environment. They are the best products coming from Messinian land.




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